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Let's Bring Back Home Ec (And Make It Mandatory)

Lindy West’s idea of bringing home ec back to high schools and making it a required course is, I think, awesome.  Banish your thoughts of little girls learning to be housewives and how to iron their husband’s shirts.  More teenagers could really benefit from knowledge like how to manage basic finances, easy, healthy, and cheap recipes, and other simple stuff like “how to clean a toilet” or “how not to F up your laundry.”

I can’t tell you how many people I know who don’t know how to write a check, balance their checkbook, cook even the most basic of meals (anything that requires something-not-a-microwave), or iron a shirt.  (Not just for women anymore, yo.)

And Lindy makes a great point:  She quotes Torie Bosch on how processed foods are really not the cheapest and how it is easy and cheaper and healthier to make a couple of recipes with cheap, healthy ingredients, i.e. chickpeas, and says, “What an idea! Instead of shitting on fat people in order to ‘solve’ the ‘obesity epidemic,’ why not teach kids—girls and boys, thin and fat and in between—how to budget and shop and cook actual healthy food, so that they don’t just live on Burger King and Top Ramen after they graduate from high school? That’s the kind of social conditioning that might actually improve the overall health of the nation—and, magically, you don’t have to police and shame a single adult human’s body.”

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