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And we’re both prone to misery
But you still get drunk and want to hang out with me
I’m at my best when I’m sleeping alone
It’s funny how time starts and stops on its own
And I came here alone, and I plan to leave that way
But I still find comfort in all the things you say

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"Konstantine always tore me apart and made me cry
Now I hear that song and know that I’m moving forward just like that train
I’m moving forward just like that.”

1) I am so old because Konstantine came out when I was in high school and yeah
2) if we needed proof that the emo revival is made up of people our age who went through middle/high school listening to emo, there it is.

Jesus I am old.

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All those times we were making love
I never thought we’d be breaking up
Bet you tell her I’m crazy
It goes on and on and on and on
It goes on and on and on and on
But she’s not me, she’s easy

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I’m at a party and I’m barfin’ I can barely see,
And every time I talk to you well I can never breathe, 
I’m gettin’ drunker I’m a bummer I should just call her, 
And don’t you know I’m really good at making this feel awkward.

aw, I love this song

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