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Just remember that The Amazing Atheist is a guy whose misogyny got him driven out of Reddit. I’ll say that again: this is a man who displayed a level of misogyny that caused Redditors to go “you’ve crossed a line and you should leave.”

I almost kind of can’t believe people still listen to this guy. he really is an enormous douche.

even the Men’s Rights subreddit couldn’t take his shit anymore.


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why I try to avoid gender discussion on Reddit

To most of the guys who complain about the "friendzone," relationships with women are useless unless there's sex involved. Friendship Is Failure.
random dude:
False, they have feelings for the person and don't want a friendship, they want a relationship. Guys aren't a bunch of sex crazed monkey who hate everything thag won't fuck them, you fucking feminist.

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Good Girl Gina

Good Guy Greg has a female counterpart, Good Girl Gina!  While Good Guy Greg does things like be kind, considerate, humble, and respectful, Good Girl Gina is simply a smiling sex toy that has no personality of her own, doesn’t argue with you or have emotions, disappears when she’s on her period, and, of course, makes you food.

I say “children” because I am pretty sure grown men would find a compliant sex doll who just wanted to do whatever you wanted all the time to be quite boring after awhile.  But still… GROSS.

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If women have to be in your porn whether they like it or not, it seems only fair that your name should be out in public, whether you like it or not. For everyone who feels bad for violentacrez and worries about how humiliated he’ll be if people find out, I beg you to start extending that sympathy instead to the women who have pervy pictures of them being traded online without their consent.
Amanda Marcotte; Exposing Reddit’s purveyors of ‘creep shots’ (via femignome)

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Rapists Explain Themselves on Reddit, and We Should Listen

From a comment on the site:

The Cap’m:  People tend to not know what rape really is- as some of the contributors (and the article) said, many of them didn’t realize that what they were doing wasn’t okay. For them it was a logical extension of normal desire. One can argue, “Well, they SHOULD know that it’s not okay!” but the reason that rape is so prevalent is that they don’t. A lot of these actions were taken in private, and justified by assumptions- now they’re being exposed and their justifications are revealed to be empty.

Rape isn’t just about individual actions/evil, it’s also about the way that our society views sex and women. It’s a part of a system, which we can change. (That’s what the phrase “Rape is about power, not sex,” should really be interpreted to mean.) Highlighting the types of sexism that lead to the most common types of rape, (and not just the act of rape itself, which is generally taken to mean “forcing yourself on a screaming girl that you’ve leapt on in an alleyway”) as not okay could very well force at least some guys to reevaluate their decisions if they end up in a similar situation.

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Why "Yes, But..." Is the Wrong Response to Misogyny

"It’s depressing that anyone should have to explain why this is a problem. It seems totally obvious to me. But apparently, it’s not so obvious. So I’m going to spell it out.

When the topic of misogyny comes up, and men change the subject, it trivializes misogyny.

When the topic of misogyny comes up, and men change the subject, it conveys the message that whatever men want to talk about is more important than misogyny.

When the topic of misogyny comes up, and men change the subject to something that’s about them, it conveys the message that men are the ones who really matter, and that any harm done to men is always more important than misogyny.

And when the topic of misogyny comes up, and men change the subject, it comes across as excusing misogyny. It doesn’t matter how many times you say, “Yes, of course, misogyny is terrible.” When you follow that with a “Yes, but…”, it comes across as an excuse. In many cases, it is an excuse. And it contributes to a culture that makes excuses for misogyny.”

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